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District 3

District 3

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Flightless Birds -Chapter Four (THG/Magcon Crossover)

"Isn’t that Carter Reynolds? And um-" you fully turned towards Cameron in thought. You were never good with names. "Adelaide Jenkins?"

 ”Johnson.” Cameron corrected, “and I think so.”

Jenkins. Johnson. You lightly shrugged your shoulders before scrunching your nose. “I was close,” you mumbled, slightly saddened by your mistake.

"In what way is Jenkins and Johns-"

"They both start with a J!" You voiced in defense though it only caused a light laugh to escape the two of you. Receiving death glares from two tributes that most likely wanted to kill you and all you could do was sidetrack yourself. Wonderful.


By sunrise you were awoken to the sound of Lavender barging into your room with her usual glow.

"Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!" Was it just you or did her voice bring an unwanted ringing to your ears? Not that you disliked her or anything. She was actually a really nice lady.

A groan sounded from your restless body as you slowly sat up, messy hair, tired eyes and all. You’ve actually been waking up like this ever since you arrived in the Capitol. Something about meeting death in a matter of days resulting in sleepless nights.

You were given an outfit to wear for the training center and hopped into the shower. Hopefully the warm water would wake you up a bit. That or the large breakfast waiting for you in the other room. The thought of it actually made you think of your aunt. You two weren’t really the wealthiest in the district but with your absence you hoped she would eat more than her usual amount. Maybe your neighbors would help her too. Getting used to life without you, that is, not the eating part.

You missed her.

"Y/n! There you are!" Eyes scanned the room as you looked for the owner of the voice. A small towel messily drying your hair since you were too lazy to try and work the blow dryer. Sitting at the table was Bart, Lavender, and Cameron. You took a seat next to Cameron and grabbed a small plate filled with pancakes and fruit.

"So, now that you’re both here are there any special skills I should know about?" Bart continued. Coming from a district based on technology there weren’t really many skills you could learn. It wasn’t like you had to work in the forest or build up strength like other districts. Just the usual inventing new things, which wasn’t really a unique skills. Just a lifestyle.

You adjusted your posture before shrugging. Personally you’ve never tried anything other than small things. Fixing clocks, rewiring circuit boards, and creating useless things, really. You turned toward Cameron who was contemplating on whether or not to speak.

"I guess i’m sort of good with knives." He stated in a low voice. "Throwing knives."

The three of you froze at the thought, staring at him dumbfounded. “Great” Bart said in a slightly surprised tone. You did say it was rare for someone in district 3 to have skills unrelated to technology.

"I mean, i’m not the best but i’m okay. The guys and I used to play this little game during our breaks. Almost like darts but with knives." You stared at Cameron in curiousity. You wondered how his life back home was. If he had a good job, friends, a nice home. What would he be doing if it wasn’t for his name being picked? Would he be happy? 

Then again, no one was happy.

As the elevator doors opened to reveal the training room you couldn’t help but stare. It was considerably big with stations at every corner. Tributes already crowded parts of them, making you question if you were late or they were early.

"Stay together." You remembered Bart saying.

Snares were the first station you went to while everyone else gathered around survival skills in attempt to get it out of the way. It was fairly easy for you two though you did have trouble with one particular design. You doubted that one would be of any use anyway.

The second day wasn’t any different than the first. Survival skills wasn’t as crowded as yesterday but you still chose to avoid it for the time being.

"I think i’m going to head to the shooting station," You said as Cameron started toward the throwing knives. You and knives probably weren’t the best combinations. You and arrows really weren’t either.

"Okay" he said with an unsure tone. Aside from now he rarely talked at any of the stations. He seemed focused. "Be careful, okay?"

You nodded before heading off. It wasn’t like Bart would know you two split up; and if he did then you should be genuinely scared. Or slightly creeped out, either work.

You shot the arrow only to reach mid-stomach the first three times. One more shot and it hit the dummies chest.

"Nice shot." You heard someone say from behind though didn’t turn to see who it was.

"I was aiming for the head." Like you said, bows and you were a bad combination. You turned toward the voice with a disappointed sigh, preparing to apologize for most likely taking up space. "Sorry," was all you could say before realizing it was the boy from 2. What was his name? Nate? Nick? "Nash?" you said aloud, sure that you had it right that time.

The boy nodded, grabbing the nearby bow and arrow and aiming straight for the head. “And you are?”

Yupp. Definitely born to take on the Capitol.

"Y/n" you answered. You dropped your hand to your side before looking over to Cameron’s station. He lied. He was actually pretty good with knives, not just "okay."

"District 3, right?" You quickly nodded in response. "Yeah, you seem like it."

And how on earth did that make sense?

You watched as he shot another before placing the bow back on the rack, taking hold of your arms and positioning your aim a bit above the targets head.

"There. That should work. See ya later, Bulby." He said before heading off to another station.

Your arms tightened around the bow and you thought about the angle it was set at. “That’s district 5.” You mumbled before letting go of the arrow in hand. You waiting for the arrow to hit some random spot but to your surprise, it hit the head dead center.

Is it just me or does y/n seem a bit off? Maybe it’s the sleepless nights she’s had, I don’t know lol. I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! I tried to introduce some new characters which went okay, I guess. Plus Cameron with knives and Nash being a career? Yaas. 

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So I’ve decided that I will be posting mini stories to go along with the story. Not exactly to fit in with the overall plot but more like some background on whatever character I deem valuable to everything. So you guys will have the main story and then mini passages. Maybe memories or something.
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Flightless Birds -Chapter Three (THG/Magcon Crossover)

Your eyes squinted at the sight of your costume. It was slightly uncomfortable, or very. Maybe Cameron felt the same way about his.

. You had spent the last few hours going through a complete makeover and the outfit was only making it worse. Your hair rested past your shoulders in loose curls and your already tingling body was covered in this horrendous silver dress. Not to mention the headband designed as a wire only made you cringe.

“I look like a Christmas tree” you mumbled with a light sigh.

 You continued to walk toward your chariot. The group of tributes obviously causing your hands to shake. Maybe if you said you were cold no one would question it.

 On your left was Cameron, Bart, and your 3 stylist; Mahogany, who was nice enough to spare what was left of your eyebrows. Jacob, who spared no mercy on the waxing. And some random lady you hadn’t bothered learning the name to.
 “You look—” Cameron began before taking a small pause.

 “Like the main square on Christmas Day” you said low enough so the others wouldn’t be able to hear, only him. 

  He showed a slight smile before nodding his head in agreement. “You and I both.” He whispered before glancing at your shaky hands.“Nervous?”

More like terrified.

"Just a bit cold." You repeated the lie aloud, hoping he wouldn’t question it. Instead he grabbed your hands, softly rubbing them in between his. It was comforting though you chose to give an eery look before retracting a hand from his grip.

"Sorry, just trying to help" Cameron voiced with a saddened expression. How exactly were you suppose to respond to him? That in a good two weeks you would be set to kill each other? That you didn’t want to get close to someone that you may never see again. Most likely won’t, actually. Still, he was the only one there to calm you at the moment. You had to say something.

That something turned into a slight shake of your head and a reassuring smile. “No, it’s fine.” You said before retracting your other hand. “I was caught off guard, that’s all.” You wondered how he could do that; seem so calm yet nervous all at once. Before the reaping you couldn’t even walk through the districts square without shaking. You were never one to mix with people; even if you tried your best to hide it.

"Thanks." You finished, hearing a voice over the intercom. It directed each tribute to their chariot and the line up began.

 First was district 1, of course. The two tributes being dressed in the usual florescent costumes that were a representation of their district. Luxury. 

 Next was district two. You watched as the two prepared for the ride to come. Dressed in gladiator themed attire you took notice of the people. a girl with shortened black hair. She was a bit smaller than you but was at least 15. You remembered her from the recap of Reaping Day. The guy as well. How old could he have been, 16, maybe 17? The way he stood, talked, even looked. It was like he was born to take on the capitol. What were their names? You tried to remember but was interrupted by the intercom. It was your turn now.

 The chariot began moving and the shaking of your hands lessened. You waved with a small smile as the crowd did their familiar cheer. You were really doing this. The thought of it brought an uneasy feeling to your stomach though you tried to hide it. Cameron did the same thing. Most tributes didn’t interact with the crowd like you guys were. It was understandable though. You wouldn’t have done anything if Bart gave you the choice. "Sponsors, guys. You need sponsors."

Cameron turned to you with a gleam in his eye. Probably for the capitols entertainment. His hand moved towards your face to place a stray strand of hair behind your ear, showing an even bigger smile. That smile. His smile. Something about it made you smile even more causing the crowd to erupt into even bigger cheers. And all because of a smile? Really? 

By the time everyone made it to the back a wave of your three stylist crowded you. The went over anything that needed fixing while bickering about the other costumes your entrance.

"The way they looked at each other, though. Fireworks!" Mahogany mused with excitement. You couldn’t help but scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.

Fireworks? Is that a good thing?

You joined Cameron once again, giving each other a high five for the entrance you just made “You were great,” You voiced calmly knowing that things actually went well for once. His eyes shifted to the right as if distracted but he showed a slight smile before laughing.Something had to be wrong.

"Look behind you. To the left," he muttered while trying to cover it with a laugh.You did as told and casually turned as if looking for Bart who- by the way- should’ve  been with you guys.

Next to a tall male stood the girl from— district 5 was it? By the looks of their costumes it had to be since theirs were similar to yours. Something you heard your stylist talking badly about earlier. Technology and power. They aren’t exactly the same.

The pair focused on the both of you with intense looks of hatred. And by intense, you meant intense.

Ooh, wonder who the two from district 5 are…

Apologies for the late and not so great chapter. I have finals this week and have been studying my ass off. Thanks for your patience and like always, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.xx

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Can u plz update soon? I rlly like where this story's going and you've only written 2 chapters lol

Oh my gosh I don’t know when you sent this, sorry! I was actually going to make a post about this too haha. Okay, so I’ve basically been studying nonstop due to finals being next week so it’s been crazy and I’m so sorry. BUT I’m trying my best to write about three or four chapters and queue them for finals week (which will also be my last week of school.) So hopefully I can get that done soon and also try to post chapter three later on today since I’ll be getting part of my language final out the way and yeah. Sorry about the long uninteresting post but I just wanted to let you guys know. Glad you like my story though!!! Psst spoiler: next chapter is about the chariot rides 😉